Welcome to the On-Campus Experience!

Spring Clean-Up Day Volunteers
Community Advisors having fun

Living on campus is so much more than a room! You’re part of a community, our staff is here to support you, it’s easy to get involved, and statistics show that on-campus students have a lot going for them.

Almost 95% of all new freshmen live on-campus and almost 50% of current residents decide to come back to on-campus housing for the next year. This is the greatest compliment our residents could give us!

Over 12,000 ISU students choose to make on-campus housing their "Cyclone" home. Why should you live on campus?

  • Location, location, location - Be close to classes, food, friends and fun.
  • Friends - Someone's always around to study, chat or just hang out with.
  • Convenience - time and stress: no monthly bills (except SUV), utilities included, restaurant quality dining with no prep or clean-up.
  • Support - We'll help you get the support you need both personally and academically.
  • Leadership - Build your resume! Involvement opportunities are endless.