Toilet and Shower Use in Campus Housing Affected by Ames Water Main Break

A large water main break Wednesday morning dropped water pressure in Ames to a dangerous level. Due to the possibility of contamination, the Ames water plant shut down water supply to its distribution community, including Iowa State University, at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Water on campus should be considered potentially contaminated. Any water used for consumption must be brought to a full rolling boil for at least two minutes. Do not use water from the drinking fountains or tap water in your residence hall or apartment without boiling it first.

Water pressure in faucets and toilets will remain low, particularly on upper floors in multi-floor buildings. Residents in all residence halls (except Wallace and Wilson) need to use the first floor, main floor or basement bathrooms. Because of the limited water supply and low water pressure, showering is discouraged until the pressure is restored.

In Wallace and Wilson Halls, water pressure is not available. Portable restrooms are being brought in and placed in the parking lots outside the building until pressure is restored. Residents in Wallace and Wilson need to use the portable restrooms. Buchanan will also have portable restrooms in the parking lot.

Watch for specific information related to the Department of Residence and campus housing.

Watch for updates on repairs to its water system and a timeline for restoring drinkable water to the system.

Watch for changes in operations on campus.