Students Can Move to Campus as Scheduled

AMES, Iowa—Students moving into campus housing can move in as scheduled.

With the current forecast and information available, there will be no changes to the already established move-in schedule. Official opening of Frederiksen Court and Schilletter and University Village Apartments begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 14. Pre-approved early move-in for residence halls also begins at 9 a.m. on Aug. 14. Official opening for the residence halls starts at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 17.

The one consequence of the flood that has impacted the entire city of Ames, including the residence halls and apartments, is a water main break. This break caused a drop in water pressure to showers and restrooms. Water pressure has been substantially restored allowing the use of showers and restrooms. However, the water is potentially unsafe for drinking. The City of Ames expects water to be safe for human consumption by early next week.

To address that problem bottled water will be available at no cost at all hall desks for students moving in to the residence halls. This water will be available as long as the “boil alert” is in effect. It is suggested that students moving to campus over the next few days bring a case or two of water with them in addition to what is going to be available at the hall desks.

Students living in on-campus apartments have full kitchens and the ability to boil their own water. It is suggested they boil their water for three to five minutes before consumption.

Here are a few reminders for students living on or moving to campus while the “boil alert” is in effect and the water system is being repaired:
-Take short showers! All Ames residents are being asked to conserve water. The more people that can reduce their use of water, the quicker water service can be restored.
-Do not use tap water for drinking, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, preparing food or making ice unless it is boiled or bottled water
-If you are boiling, be sure to bring it to a rolling boil for three to five minutes and then allow it to cool before consumption

“We know that many families have spent a lot of time preparing for the academic year and we are making accommodations to get students moved in with as little disruption as possible,” said Director of Residence Pete Englin. “We ask that our residents help the city restore water more quickly by taking short showers and limiting water use until the situation is resolved.”

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