Spring 2012 MicroFridge and Loft Return Information

Please Note: This information comes from Collegiate Concepts, Inc. If you have questions about this information, please contact Collegiate Concepts (515-597-2303) not the Department of Residence.

Spring 2012 MicroFridge and Loft Return Information

Please bring your Loft and/or MicroFridge to one the following locations:

May 1st & May 2nd
Parking Lot North of Maple Hall – 10am – 12:30pm
Between Friley and Helser – 1:30pm – 4:00pm

May 3rd & May 4th
Parking Lot North of Maple Hall – 10am – 5pm
Between Friley and Helser – 10am – 5pm

To avoid a $30 cleaning charge your MicroFridge unit MUST be:

1. Fully Defrosted: Please unplug the unit the NIGHT BEFORE. (Do NOT use sharp objects to defrost the unit.)

2. Completely Clean & Dry: This includes seals and inside/outside surfaces of the refrigerator, freezer and microwave. There will be a $30 charge if not CLEANED.

3. Return with ALL parts: Ice cube trays and ice scraper, top shelf and bottom shelf, microwave plate and ring. There will be additional charges for MISSING PARTS.

4. Late Fee: $25 charge for late return of MicroFridge unit.

To disassemble the Loft, CCI strongly recommends the following:

1. Remove the bed frame and mattress first.

2. Use 3 people during the process. We suggest that you have pliers available, as the wing nuts may be very tight.

3. First remove the 2 crossbars (thin bars in back), but be very careful, because after the crossbars are removed, the loft can collapse easily. Having 2 people hold and balance the loft is suggested.

4. Late Fee: $25 charge for late return of Loft.

Collegiate Concepts requires all parts, including hardware, be brought to our locations during the designated time. The loft must be fully disassembled. Please place all hardware (bolts, wing nuts, and washers) in a small, sealed plastic bag.

Special note regarding the “short loft” in Willow & Larch halls – If you have this loft, it utilizes the school’s “bed springs”, so the only items you will be required to return to the trucks will be the “ends”, “cross bars” and all of the “hardware, including the brackets that attach the cross bars” and the “side/safety rail”. If you have questions regarding taking this loft apart, or any other questions, feel free to come down to our truck and we will have someone help you. You do not need to bring down the school’s bedsprings, as those belong to the Department of Residence.

Please call our office if you need any help taking apart the loft or returning the items to the truck. We will be more than willing to help.

Thanks! CCI 515-597-2303