Ready for Move In? Find the Move In Basics Here!

Look for Move-In Crew members to make your move in quicker and easier!

Move In Basics

In order to make moving in as easy as possible, all new students will move in to their Cyclone homes on either Tuesday, Aug. 14 (even numbered rooms) or Wednesday, Aug. 15 (odd numbered rooms). On move-in days, street signs will route traffic to each residence hall. If you need a helping hand, volunteers will be available throughout campus to direct traffic and answer any questions.

On the back of this sheet, you will find two parking passes. Fill out one parking pass for each vehicle you plan to bring. When you arrive on campus, give your parking pass to one of our volunteers. They will fill out an expiration time for your vehicle, help you find a parking space and provide you with a map of long-term parking lot options. Leave your parking pass on your dash while you move your belongings into your room. When your parking pass expires, we ask that you would be kind to others who are eager to unload their belongings as well by moving your vehicle to one of the designated long-term parking lots.

Once you’ve arrived during move-in, make sure your student checks in at their Community Advisor’s (CA) room. During this time, you may start unloading your vehicle. You will have 30 minutes to unload your belongings before your parking pass expires. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it all alone! ISU’s Move-In Crew will be available to help you move all of your items. Over 400 Move-In Crew members will be on hand to carry your belongings to your room. Move-In Crew will be available from 8 am to 5 pm. Residence hall check-in is from 8 am to 8 pm. Residents arriving after 5 pm can check in at the front desk.

When your parking pass expires, we ask that you move your vehicle to one of the designated long-term parking lots. To identify the proper parking lots, refer to the map provided to you by the volunteer who filled out your parking pass.

What to Bring and What Not to Bring

Each room contains the following items for each resident: study desk, chair, and waste basket; standard or lofted twin bed with extra long innerspring mattress; chest of drawers, wardrobe, or closet; access to campus network and Ethernet; cable television service; and window drapes/blinds.

So, what should you bring? The following is a good starter list: extra long bed linens, fan, hangers, laundry basket, power strip (UL approved), shower caddy, desk lamp, tool kit and a dolly cart to help with the moving process. Students living in suite-style rooms will want to bring bathroom tissue and cleaning supplies. If you bring a television, make sure it has a digital tuner as our cable provider has gone digital!

Because they present a safety hazard in the halls, please do not bring the following items: candles with wicks, space heaters, halogen lamps, firearms and weapons (including airsoft guns), air conditioning units, ceiling fan, or pets (unless its a fish!).

Move In Meals

Nothing works up an appetite quite like move-in! Join your student in Seasons or Union Drive Marketplace for all you care to eat dining for just $6. Move-in meals are available from lunch on Tuesday, Aug. 14 through lunch on Thursday, Aug. 16.

Move In Tips

A few helpful tips from parents and students who’ve done this before:

Come on your scheduled day – It makes things easier for everyone by lessening the confusion.

Pack items in easy to carry totes – Totes are much easier to carry and are much more efficient in terms of the number of trips you have to make from your car to the room.

Unload your vehicle first – Before you do anything else, start unloading the car. There are plenty of helpful Move-In Crew members who will make the trip from the car to the room a quick and easy one.

Stay patient – Everyone is trying to have the best experience possible and the ISU staff and students are trying to make the move-in experience as smooth as possible. Just understand that everyone is doing what is best for all students and parents.

Move In Checklist

1. Fill out parking pass.
2. Follow signs to designated parking lot.
3. Students check in with CA. Families unload car.
4. When unloaded, move car to long-term parking lot.
5. Unpack and settle in.