Foley's Innovation Earns CYtation Award

As the Hall Director of Birch-Welch-Roberts Halls, Adam Foley has taken on numerous projects outside of his job responsibilities. His innovation, leadership, and commitment to working with the Department of Residence and Iowa State students recently earned him recognition in the form of a P&S Council CYtation Award.

Over the past year, Foley developed a student contact database, updated the Hall Director recruiting website, created an online Community Advisor application process, online training evaluations, and implemented a student-staff recognition program.

“I have kind of been dubbed the tech guy,” Foley said. “I enjoy playing with computers and learning new things for myself. If it is something I don’t know, then I figure it out on my own and end up helping people along the way.”

Foley’s work has been well received by both students and staff. Heather Phillips, Coordinator for Residence Life, nominated Foley not only because of his contributions to the department, but because of his leadership among students.

“As an advisor, Adam is well-respected and his involvement is greatly appreciated by students,” Phillips said.

Part of that student involvement comes with Foley serving as an advisor to the Residence Hall Leadership Organization and Order of the Rose and Chessman. He accompanies students on trips to national residence hall conferences and helps them focus on how they can use the knowledge gained at national conferences to help the Iowa State community.

“I don’t look at this as a job because each day is different and I get to do so many things that I enjoy,” Foley said. “I get the opportunity to really get to know students and be a resource for them on so many different levels.”

P & S CYtation Award
Six to eight awards are given semi-annually for work done within the past year. Nominations are submitted and then reviewed by a committee. Winners are chosen, and the awards are presented during a recognition ceremony in the President’s Office. CYtation Award winners receive a certificate, picture with President Geoffroy, and a one-year family membership to Reiman Gardens (courtesy of Reiman Gardens). Foley received his award on Jan. 19.