Donate Used Items Before You Move Out with SAVE Program

Don't want to take home those t-shirts you didn't wear all year or that keyboard you replaced? What about that case of water or that applesauce your mom thought you needed? Donate all of it during move out! SAVE is a program that collects unwanted items and then donates them to Goodwill and local food pantries. It saves you a trip and it’s good for the environment!

Donations will be accepted during the peak moving time of Monday, April 23, through Wednesday, May 9. Items you can donate include:

• Clean, gently used clothing and shoes (no undies please)
• Small household items in good condition
• Furniture in good condition
• Small appliances and electronics in working order
• Non-perishable, unopened food items

The end-of-the-year donation program has been in place for several years. SAVE stands for Simple Act, Vital Effect.

By simply donating items no longer wanted, you:
• SAVE hauling stuff home that you really don’t want anymore
• SAVE the landfills by not tossing good items into the trash
• SAVE our planet by reducing, reusing and recycling items

This end of year donation program is organized by the Department of Residence with assistance from Central Stores and Facilities Planning & Management.

Drop-Off Locations for Items You'd Like to Donate
MWL C2115A & C2115 Commons (Tree House)
BWR Cornerstone
Linden Room A153A (room left of hall desk)
Oak-Elm 2122 Elm Parlor
Helser Room A293 (in front of Hall Director’s office)
SUV Laundromat or Community Center
Wallace/Wilson C1201A/B
Buchanan Room 2012
Friley Room 2414 (north of Hall Desk)
Martin Room 2109
Eaton Room 1132
BLF Freeman 154 (Pool Table Room First Floor)
Frederiksen Court Fitness Room