Department of Residence Ready for Upcoming School Year

AMES, Iowa—“We’re prepared and excited for this school year,” said Pete Englin, Director of Residence. “We’re ready.”

After a summer filled with facility upgrades, preparations for over 10,000 incoming residents, and the development of a proposal to expand Frederiksen Court, the Department of Residence is ready to be the first friendly face students and parents see when they come to campus.

“Each year, our primary goal remains the same, to give every student who wants to live on campus the opportunity to do so, to grow, to learn, and to receive the support they need to be successful this year,” said Englin. “And, we’re excited to do that again next week.”

Move-in begins Tuesday, Aug. 6 for most students. Hosting 3,000 students per day and their families is the culmination of a summer geared toward growth and improvement.

Since the spring session ended in May, the Department of Residence has spent significant time updating the student experience, including making life safety improvements and installing new sprinkler systems in Larch and Wallace halls, new windows in Larch Hall, and new carpeting and fresh paint in Birch, Welch, and Roberts halls.

Thanks to a large incoming freshmen class and more students choosing to live on campus again this year, the Department of Residence converted Wallace Hall from single occupancy rooms to doubles. Over the summer, Wallace Hall underwent several upgrades to prepare for the enhanced community, including updated bathrooms, new kitchenettes, and new furniture sets.

The large on-campus population has also influenced the department to look toward expansion. Last fall, roughly 175 students started the school year using floor dens as housing. This year, that number is expected to exceed 400. With the demand for on-campus housing exceeding the growth in campus population, the Department of Residence recently received approval from the Board of Regents to begin planning for possible future expansion to the Frederiksen Court apartment community.

“Students realize we’re more than a place to sleep,” said Englin. “They see students who live on campus have higher GPAs and are more involved in campus life. They see the success of learning communities and academic programs like MAP-Works and the number of leadership opportunities we offer and they consider that an important part of the Cyclone experience.”

The Department of Residence is expecting to welcome nearly 10,500 residents over the next two weeks. After an active summer, student success remains Englin’s focus.

“Our role on this campus is to give students the academic, personal, and social support they need to be successful,” said Englin. “And, we’re ready to do that again this year.”