Department of Residence Launches Residence Satisfaction Survey February 19

With just around 20 weeks of experience, on-campus residents have a pretty good idea how they feel about their living experience, and now it's time for students to tell the Department of Residence what they think!

Starting February 19, ISU's on-campus residents have a chance to fill out the EBI Residence Satisfaction Survey. The survey will be emailed out to students and will be open through March 15. If 60% of residents in a particular campus house fill out the survey, the whole house will be treated to free pizza courtesy of the Department of Residence.

The Department of Residence uses the survey feedback provided by students to help make decisions about the department's future that reflect the values found in the student responses. Each survey, then, has the opportunity to provide valuable feedback that will change the experience of future Iowa State students.

"Feedback from students on how they experience living on campus drives the decisions for improving our residence halls and apartments," said Director of Residence Pete Englin. "Ideally, every student who lives in campus will share their perspective."