Residence Life Overview and Highlights

Quick Facts

  • The 2014-15 campus housing population is 12,237.
  • We employ over 400 staff members from students, custodians, maintenance, support staff and administrators.
    • Offices include: Directors Office, Administrative Services, Business Services, Conference Services, Facilities, Marketing, Technology, and Residence Life.
  • The Residence Life staff is compromised of the Leadership Team (Associate Director, Coordinators of Residence Life, Apartment Community Directors, and Research Analyst), Hall Directors, Apartment Community Managers, Graduate Assistants, Support Staff, Community Advisors and Desk Assistants.
  • Housing focuses on student success in a variety of ways including the use of MAP-Works, our Living Leading Learning model, developing leaders through student house organizations, and IRHA.
  • Our housing administrators value student feedback and advise IRHA.  Students’ voice is influential in housing and dining rates as well as ongoing projects.
  • We partner with the Learning Communities office at ISU to house over 37 live-in learning or theme communities.


Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Vision - To serve as the premier living environment for advancing student success at Iowa State University.

Mission - To advance student success at Iowa State University by providing the most supportive and inclusive living/learning communities.

Philosophy - The Department of Residence is dedicated to providing a student-centered, co-curricular environment that enhances the academic mission of the university, and which embodies the belief that learning at Iowa State University has no physical boundaries.   Through the programs, services, and interactions provided by the Department of Residence, students are empowered to become engaged learners, responsible citizens, dynamic leaders, and individuals who are guided by integrity.  We are committed to challenging Iowa State University students to broaden their world view in a campus culture that values and respects individual differences. 

The Department of Residence staff is proactive regarding student needs and interests.  Staff challenges students to expand their horizons and to make healthy and ethical decisions.  A hallmark of our operating style is the creation of collaborative partnerships with students, their families, faculty, staff, and alumni that foster the development and transformation of students within a safe and healthy campus community.  As professional educators we are committed to constantly improving our knowledge and skills in order to provide the optimal educationally purposeful environment for our students.