About the Students

Our students are our #1 priority. Iowa State University students are committed to being successful academically and in their personal lives. Many of our students seek out leadership opportunities in their houses, halls, across campus, and in the Ames community. Our staff works hard to provide leadership opportunities to the students living in the halls through the many advising roles that are available. In addition, we work to encourage a community learning environment where students are able to recognize their potential and help students develop confidence in their own abilities and skills in working with others. 

We partner with the Learning Communities office at ISU to house over 37 live-in learning or theme communities.

The DOR focuses on student success in a variety of ways including the use of MAP-Works, our Living Leading Learning model, developing leaders through student house organizations, and IRHA which is advised by stff in our department. We put a high value on student feedback and our students’ voices are influential in housing and dining rates as well as ongoing projects.

About the Department of Residence

We employ over 400 staff members including students, custodians, maintenance, support staff and administrators. Our units include: Directors Office, Administrative Services, Business Services, Conference Services, Facilities, Marketing, Technology, and Residence Life.

We need a staff this size because the fall 2017 campus housing population was 12,231 - our third highest occcupancy ever!

About Iowa State

Iowa State is one of the nation's leading land-grant universities, preparing students to create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place. A rich tradition of academic success is just one of the many reasons so many students have chosen to continue their education at Iowa State. The university is committed to helping students accomplish their academic goals.Please take some time to become familiar with the information contained below. We're sure you'll decide that ISU should be part of your future!

About Iowa and Ames