Moving In / Out

Moving in or out of your on-campus assignment can be hectic, but with a little planning you can avoid the stress. Remember, patience and flexibility are key to making your move a success!

Moving In - Before loading your car, please visit What to Bring for details on what to pack - and what not to! Then visit one of our move-in pages: Fall Move-In, Spring Move-In, or Summer Move-In. Pay special attention to the YEARS on these pages. If you are looking for information for a year not indicated, please contact us.

Moving Out - Whether you're changing assignments or leaving on-campus housing, here are some tips to help make your move out successful. Review the Policy Handbook for more information.

  • Tell us what you're doing. We may not know you're leaving just because you told a roommate, professor, etc.
  • Talk to your roommate(s). Let them know when you are leaving and decide who is responsible for cleaning, etc.
  • Follow checkout procedures. Follow proper checkout procedures for your area to help any cleaning / damage charges. Schedule a checkout inspection and be sure to attend it.
  • Turn in your keys. You will continue to be charged room / apartment fees until you return them.
  • Take all your stuff with you. Take one last look before you go. Items left behind will be removed/disposed of at your expense.
  • Take your bike with you. Bikes left behind are considered abandoned and are sent to Assest Recovery to be sold/destroyed.
  • Know when you have to go. Residents must move out by the deadlines listed on the move-out pages at left.