Mail & Packages

Residence Hall Mail

Each room is assigned a mailbox that all residents of that room will share. Mailbox types vary by area and locks may be either keyed or combination, both of which are distributed at check-in. TIP: Remember your mail box combo by entering it into your cell phone as a contact. 

In the residence halls, delivery of resident mail is managed by the Department of Residence. We also handle all package delivery. For resident security, package carriers (such as DHL, FedEx and UPS) are not permitted to deliver to student rooms. We process a 50,000 packages each year! To do this, we need your help, so please keep the following in mind:

  1. Use the correct name and address. We only deliver packages to students on our rosters, so the name on the package must closely match what is on the student's ISU ID card.
  2. Check your “” email frequently. When we receive your package, we will send you an e-mail notification with a package number. You will need this number and your ISU Card to claim your package.
  3. Don't wait until the last minute. Plan ahead and send items at least 7 days in advance. If you are ordering on-line add at least two days to whatever the company claims as shipping time.
  4. Don't be fooled by tracking numbers. Your tracking number may say your package is 'delivered', but that doesn't mean we have it. It may be at the main University mail room and it can take a full day to be routed to us.
  5. Rethink “Perishables” packages. We are unable to refrigerate packages in most of our mail rooms. So don't order items that will spoil and pick your package up ASAP when you get your email notification.

We do not have the space and cannot accept exceptionally large items like furniture or large electronics. 

To ensure prompt delivery, items should be addressed as follows:

Resident's Full Name
Hall Name House Name
Street Address, Room #
Ames, IA  Zip Code
Hall Street Address Zip Code Mail Room HallStreet AddressZip CodeMail Room
Barton 285 RICHARDSON CT 50013-0023 Cornerstone Hall Desk Linden218 RICHARDSON CT50013-0023Linden Hall Desk
Birch 245 RICHARDSON CT 50013-0023 Cornerstone Hall Desk Lyon305 RICHARDSON CT50013-0034Cornerstone Hall Desk
Buchanan 2160 LINCOLN WAY 50013-0043 Buchanan Hall Desk Maple204 BEACH RD50013-0025MWL Hall Desk
Eaton 135 BEYER CT 50012-1056 Union Drive Community Center Martin131 BEYER CT50012-1061Union Drive Community Center
Elm 435 RICHARDSON CT 50013-0021 Oak-Elm Hall Desk Oak455 RICHARDSON CT50013-0021Oak-Elm Hall Desk
Freeman 315 RICHARDSON CT 50013-0034 Cornerstone Hall Desk Roberts275 RICHARDSON CT50013-0023Cornerstone Hall Desk
Friley 212 BEYER CT 50012-1058 Union Drive Community Center Wallace917 WELCH RD50013-0028Wallace-Wilson Hall Desk
Geoffroy2152 LINCOLN WAY50013-0042Geoffroy Hall Desk Welch255 RICHARDSON CT50013-0023Cornerstone Hall Desk
Helser 221 BEYER CT 50012-1078 Union Drive Community Center Willow236 BEACH RD50013-0025MWL Hall Desk
Larch 140 BEACH RD 50013-0033 MWL Hall Desk Wilson926 HAYWARD AVE50013-0028Wallace-Wilson Hall Desk

On-Campus Apartment Mail:

Each individual apartment is assigned a mailbox that all residents of that apartment share. You will receive access to your mailbox at the time you check in.
  • In Frederiksen Court, your apartment key also operates your mailbox, located inside the first floor entrance of each building.
  • SV mailboxes are located in the first floor hallway of each building. Residents receive a mailbox key at check in.
  • In UV, mailboxes are located at roadside in close proximity to each cluster of apartments. Residents receive a mailbox key at check in.
The majority of mail in on-campus apartments is managed by the United States Postal Service. To ensure prompt delivery, items should be addressed as follows:
Frederiksen Court
Resident's Full Name
Street Address, Apt. #
Ames, IA Zip Code
Schilletter / University Village
Resident's Full Name
Street Address, Apt. Letter
Ames, IA Zip Code
Frederiksen Ct.Street AddressZip CodeSchilletter Vlg. Street AddressZip CodeUniversity Vlg.Street AddressZip Code
Building 112161 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 012110 EDENBURN DR50010-8905Building 1011775 LONG RD50010-8990
Building 122155 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 022112 EDENBURN DR50010-8906Building 1021765 LONG RD50010-8991
Building 132147 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 032116 EDENBURN DR50010-8907Building 1031785 LONG RD50010-8992
Building 212160 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 042120 EDENBURN DR50010-8908Building 1041805 LONG RD50010-8993
Building 222154 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 052122 EDENBURN DR50010-8909Building 1052521 BRUNER DR50010-8994
Building 232140 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 062124 EDENBURN DR50010-8910Building 1061720 LONG RD50010-8995
Building 242138 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 072128 EDENBURN DR50010-8911Building 1072515 BRUNER DR50010-8996
Building 312109 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 082130 EDENBURN DR50010-8912Building 1082517 BRUNER DR50010-8997
Building 322079 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 092132 EDENBURN DR50010-8913Building 1091770 LONG RD50010-8998
Building 332059 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 102136 EDENBURN DR50010-8914Building 1101790 LONG RD50010-8999
Building 342075 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 112138 EDENBURN DR50010-8915Building 1112509 BRUNER DR50010-9000
Building 352113 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 122140 EDENBURN DR50010-8916Building 1122513 BRUNER DR50010-9001
Building 362065 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 132142 EDENBURN DR50010-8921Building 1132503 BRUNER DR50010-9002
Building 412122 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 142144 EDENBURN DR50010-8922Building 1142505 BRUNER DR50010-9003
Building 422116 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 152148 EDENBURN DR50010-8923Building 1152507 BRUNER DR50010-9004
Building 432110 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 162150 EDENBURN DR50010-8924Building 1161765 STOTTS RD50010-9008
Building 512029 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 172152 EDENBURN DR50010-8925Building 1171715 STOTTS RD50010-9009
Building 522021 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 182154 EDENBURN DR50010-8926Building 1182419 BRUNER DR50010-9010
Building 532017 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 192156 EDENBURN DR50010-8928Building 1191725 STOTTS RD50010-9011
Building 612070 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 202158 EDENBURN DR50010-8929Building 1201745 STOTTS RD50010-9012
Building 622056 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 212160 EDENBURN DR50010-8930Building 1211750 STOTTS RD50010-9007
Building 632062 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 222162 EDENBURN DR50010-8931Building 1221770 STOTTS RD50010-9014
Building 712040 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 232164 EDENBURN DR50010-8932Building 1231760 STOTTS RD50010-9015
Building 722026 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 242168 EDENBURN DR50010-8933Building 1241740 STOTTS RD50010-9016
Building 732014 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 252170 EDENBURN DR50010-8934Building 1251820 STOTTS RD50010-9017
Building 742030 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 262220 EDENBURN DR50010-8935Building 1261835 LONG RD50010-9005
Building 812064 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 272250 EDENBURN DR50010-8936Building 1271875 LONG RD50010-9006
Building 822074 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 282270 EDENBURN DR50010-8937Building 1282620 BLANKENBURG DR50010-9028
Building 832050 HAWTHORN CT DR50010Building 292300 EDENBURN DR50010-8938Building 1291905 LONG RD50010-9027
Building 302308 EDENBURN DR50010-8939Building 1301865 LONG RD50010-9026
Building 312310 EDENBURN DR50010-8940Building 1311850 LONG RD50010-9025
Building 322312 EDENBURN DR50010-8941Building 1321860 LONG RD50010-9046
Building 332314 EDENBURN DR50010-8942Building 1332508 BLANKENBURG DR50010-9045
Building 342316 EDENBURN DR50010-8943Building 1341840 LONG RD50010-9044
Building 352318 EDENBURN DR50010-8944Building 1351805 STOTTS RD50010-9042
Building 362322 EDENBURN DR50010-8945Building 1361820 LONG RD50010-9043
Building 372324 EDENBURN DR50010-8936Building 1371830 LONG RD50010-9041
Building 382326 EDENBURN DR50010-8947Building 1382426 BLANKENBURG DR50010-9018
Building 392328 EDENBURN DR50010-8948Building 1392420 BLANKENBURG DR50010-9019
Building 402330 EDENBURN DR50010-8949Building 1402416 BLANKENBURG DR50010-9064
Building 412332 EDENBURN DR50010-8954Building 1412412 BLANKENBURG DR50010-9013
Building 422334 EDENBURN DR50010-8955Building 1422410 BLANKENBURG DR50010-9020
Building 432336 EDENBURN DR50010-8956Building 1431825 STOTTS RD50010-9021
Building 442338 EDENBURN DR50010-8957Building 1441815 STOTTS RD50010-9022
Building 452340 EDENBURN DR50010-8958Building 1451830 STOTTS RD50010-9023
Building 462342 EDENBURN DR50010-8959Building 1461880 STOTTS RD50010-9058
Building 472346 EDENBURN DR50010-8960Building 1471910 STOTTS RD50010-9057
Building 482348 EDENBURN DR50010-8961Building 1481920 STOTTS RD50010-9056
Building 492350 EDENBURN DR50010-8962Building 1491980 STOTTS RD50010-9055
Building 502352 EDENBURN DR50010-8963Building 1501960 STOTTS RD50010-9055
Building 512354 EDENBURN DR50010-8964Building 1512010 STOTTS RD50010-9053
Building 522356 EDENBURN DR50010-8965Building 1522020 STOTTS RD50010-9052
Building 532358 EDENBURN DR50010-8966Building 1532060 STOTTS RD50010-9051
Building 542360 EDENBURN DR50010-8967Building 1542050 STOTTS RD50010-9050
Building 552362 EDENBURN DR50010-8968Building 1552080 STOTTS RD50010-9049
Building 562364 EDENBURN DR50010-8969Building 1562155 EDENBURN DR50010-9048
Building 572366 EDENBURN DR50010-8970Building 1572045 STOTTS RD50010-9047
Building 582368 EDENBURN DR50010-8971Building 1582005 STOTTS RD50010-9040
Building 592372 EDENBURN DR50010-8972Building 1591955 STOTTS RD50010-9039
Building 602374 EDENBURN DR50010-8973Building 1601940 LONG RD50010-9038
Building 612376 EDENBURN DR50010-8974Building 1612020 LONG RD50010-9037
Building 622380 EDENBURN DR50010-8975Building 1622030 LONG RD50010-9036
Building 632382 EDENBURN DR50010-8976Building 1632147 EDENBURN DR50010-9035
Building 642378 EDENBURN DR50010-8977Building 1642139 EDENBURN DR50010-9034
Building 1652040 LONG RD50010-9033
Building 1661930 LONG RD50010-9032
Building 1671920 LONG RD50010-9031
Building 1682050 LONG RD50010-9030
Building 1692137 EDENBURN DR50010-9063
Building 1702045 LONG RD50010-9062
Building 1711935 LONG RD50010-9061
Building 1721925 LONG RD50010-0010
Building 1732025 LONG RD50010-9060