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Ethernet and Wireless Services

The following information is intended for University owned residence halls, Frederiksen Court and SUV only. 

The ISU data network provides high-speed connectivity across campus. Each student who lives on-campus can access the ISU network from their room as follows:

  • Wireless service is available via access points. Ethernet data ports are located at the bottom of wireless access point boxes. It is recommended that residents connect via these ports for the most stable, solid connection.
  • In Frederiksen Court, wireless access points are located in common areas. Residents may connect via the included Ethernet ports on the device for the most stable, solid connection.
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service is available in SUV apartments.

All residents are responsible for providing their own connection cables. Additionally, residents in double or triple rooms may need a splitter or hub. Because of the vast variation in rooms, we suggest you wait until you check in to purchase these items.

How can I connect to the ISU wireless network? The network name (SSID) in the residence halls and Frederiksen Court is ISU-CARDINAL. The first time you connect, you will be required to register your computer through a process called NetReg. NetReg requires a valid Iowa State University Network-ID and password. This is the same ID and password used to access other on-campus computing resources. For assistance using NetReg, contact the Solution Center by telephone at 515-294-4000 or by email at solution@iastate.edu.

Can I have a private wireless router in my room? SUV residents can use their own wireless router. DO NOT use your own wireless router in the residence halls or Frederiksen Court. The use of personal wireless routers or hubs causes interference with the ISU provide wireless network, making it slower. Personal routers are also a security concern. Any security issue can be tracked to a router and the student who used it is responsible. If you use a personal WAP which disrupts network access within your community, you will be blocked from accessing the network.

Who can I call if I need assistance or there are problems with the network? Residents in the halls, Frederiksen Court, and SUV should call the Solution Center at 294-4000.

Telephone Service

In the residence halls, residents have access to a public emergency phone on every house. Land-line telephone service is not offered as standard in on-campus housing, but is available for a monthly fee. Interested residents can contract for telephone service on AccessPlus. Residents must provide their own phones. For more information, please visit Telephones for Students.


Cable television service is provided in each room/apartment. You will need to bring your own TV, coaxial cable cord, and digital tuner (if your TV was manufactured before 2006). To set your TV up, you should:

  1. Review your owner's manual for best results
  2. Make sure your TV is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
  3. Connect your TV to the wall jack with your the coaxial cable cord.
  4. Scan your channels. Below are some basic instructions, but this process varies by manufacturer, so check your owner's manual.
    • Scanning channels can take 20 - 45 minutes.
    • Turn on TV
    • Press "Menu" on your remote or TV
    • Select "Set-Up"
    • Select "Antenna" and then "Cable"
    • Select "Auto Program / Auto Tune / Channel Scan" then "Ok"

That didn't work. What do I do? - First, refer to your owner's manual to make sure you followed the steps for your exact TV brand and try your set up once more. If it still doesn't work, you can submit a service request. Depending on the number of requests in queue, it may be 24-48 hours before your situation can be addressed.

Mediacom Channel Line Up (as of 11/20/17) - The below is the channel listing for the Residence Halls and Frederiksen Court. If your TV is an older model, some channels may appear differently or not at all. This is determined by the brand and age of your TV. In SUV, Mediacom is also the service provider, but the channel line up may differ slightly

3.1 = BTFB1
4.1 = BTFB2
5.1 = ABC (WOI HD)
6.1 = PA1
7.1 = ESPN 2
8.1 = CBS (KCCI HD)
9.1 = ESPN HD
10.1 = GOV HD
11.1 = IPTV HD
12.1 = FSMW HD
13.1 = NBC (WHO HD)
14.1 = MDNBC HD
17.1 = FOX (KDSM HD)
21.1 = BTN HD
23.1 = CW (KCWI HD)
24.1 = FS1 HD
29.1 = FSNMW HD
30.1 = FNC HD
31.1 = NBCSP HD
32.1 = CBSSN HD
33.1 = CNBC HD
34.1 = CNN HD
35.1 = NIC HD
36.1 = CMDHDe
38.1 = HIS HD
40.1 = DSC HD
41.1 = E! HD
42.1 = DIS HD
43.1 = TBS HDe
44.1 = TWC HD
45.1 = TOON HDe
46.1 = AMC HD
47.1 = TruTV HD
48.1 = USA HD
49.1 = TNT HDe
50.1 = FX HD
51.1 = BET HD
52.1 = SPK HD
53.1 = MTV HD
54.1 = TELEMUe
55.1 = UNI
56.1 = DisJr HD
57.1 = SYFY HDe
58.1 = TLC HD
59.1 = Adiv HD
60.1 = A&E HD
61.1 = WE HDe
62.1 = HGTV HD
63.1 = FOOD HD
64.1 = BRAVO HD
65.1 = LIFE HDe
66.1 = LMN HDe
67.1 = TRAV HDe
68.1 = VH1 HDe
69.1 = FreeForm HD
70.1 = HALL HD
71.1 = TCM
72.1 = TBNENL