furniture & decorYour room / apartment is a blank slate waiting for you to make the space your own! Here are some details to keep in mind:

  • No holes in the walls. Don't use nails, screws, or tacks on the walls. Some adhesive tape can also cause damage. Please hang items using Command Strips or poster putty (test a small spot first).
  • No wallpapering or painting. If you feel your room needs painting, submit a Service Request and a staff member will be sent to your room to assess.
  • Nothing on the ceiling in Wallace-Wilson. Nothing should come in contact with the ceiling. This includes posters, stars, lights, cords, tape, lofts, etc.

Apartment Furniture - For detailed information about the quantities and types of furniture available in these communities, please visit the specific Frederiksen Court, University Village and Schilletter Village pages.

Common Area Furniture - This furniture is for all residents of that floor/house to use and may not be removed from the common area. If common area furniture is found in a student's room or apartment, the occupants of the residence will be charged accordingly.

Residence Hall Furniture - Our furniture, like our buildings, varies in type and style. In some halls, furniture is built-in while in others it is free-standing. Typical residence hall furnishings include:
  • a lofted bed frame and extra long twin mattress (36" x 80" x 8") for each student, 
  • a desk and desk chair for each student; 
  • a wardrobe/closet for each student;
  • a wastebasket;
  • window coverings;
  • shower curtains are provided in all suite rooms;
  • Martin Hall corner & lofted suites have a couch and two chairs; and 
  • a MicroFridge is provided in each Wallace / Wilson room.
You may bring additional furniture, but keep the following in mind:
  • space is limited, talk to your roommate(s) so you don't bring duplicates;
  • visit What Not to Bring so you don't bring a prohibited item;
  • If you use your own furniture instead, storage of DOR provided furniture is your responsibility
    • don't put furniture in dens, hallways, or stairwells as this is a fire hazard;
      • staff will remove these items, but these pieces will not be marked as yours
  • all provided furniture must be it its original location and condition when you check-out.
    • the cost of missing or broken furniture will be charged to you at the full replacement rate
You and your roommate(s) are also each permitted to bring your own refrigerator so long as it no taller than 43 inches and is under 700 watts. If you are bringing a refrigerator/microwave combination unit, it must have power guard (refrigerator/freezer turns off when microwave is in use)