Abandoned Property

Iowa State University, the Department of Residence (DOR), and its agents assume no liability for items that are left in DOR facilities.

The placement of personal items, including DOR-provided student room/apartment furnishings, is prohibited in hallways, house dens, computer labs, lobbies, lounges, stairwells, elevators, Schilletter Village basements, etc.

Laundry Rooms - Unclaimed clothing items left in DOR laundry facilities will be placed in a marked container in the laundry room. At the end of each semester, DOR staff will collect unclaimed items from the marked containers. Underwear, socks and pillows will be discarded and all other items will sent to ISU Asset Recovery.

Following Check-Out - Personal property left in common areas or in rooms/apartments following check-out will be removed from the premises. You will be charged the actual cost of removal, storage and disposal of personal property, with a minimum charge of $50.

  • Perishable items or items that are moldy, wet, or in poor condition will be discarded. Determination of item condition and method of disposal are at the discretion of University staff.
  • All other items will be kept for 30 days from the date of move-out. At the end of 30 days, unclaimed items will be discarded, donated or sent to ISU Asset Recovery

    Bicycles - Bicycles and bicycle parts that are considered abandoned or improperly parked will be removed. This includes all bicycles/bicycle parts left parked in DOR racks following check-out at the end of the spring semester. If necessary to remove the bicycles or bicycle parts, locking devices will be cut. Once removed, they will be sent to ISU Asset Recovery for sale or disposal.

    Items sent to ISU Asset Recovery will be retained for 90 days. After 90 days has expired the items will be disposed of or made available for public sale.