Prohibited Items

The folowing items are prohibited in all resident rooms/apartments:

  • Air Conditioners;
    • You are permitted to use a freestanding, evaporation type, room cooler if the unit does not require ventilation to the outdoors and does not draw more than 3.5 amps
  • Allergen Alert House - Residents and visitors to Coov-Lace House are prohibited from bringing these items¬†onto the house.
  • Cut trees (e.g. Christmas trees);
  • Empty and/or filled kegs;
  • Halogen torchiere lamps;
  • Hot tubs;
  • Light fixtures, ceiling fans, or other electrical appliances may not be hung/installed on ceilings or walls;
  • Personal space heaters;
  • Pets, except as outlined in the Animals in Residence policy
  • Satellite dishes and antennas;
  • Sun lamps;
  • Traffic/street signs (without proof of purchase);
  • Wall-mount televisions; and
  • Waterbeds.

Use of the following items is prohibitted in all resident rooms/apartments:

  • Dry ice;
  • Flammable/toxic fluids, chemicals, or gases; and
  • Smoke and fog machines.

Use of drones on campus is prohibited unless pre-approved through Facilities Planning and Management.

SUV specific items:

  • You may not install any type of clothes dryer in UV apartments. Only 110- or 220-volt electric dryers are permitted in SV basements.
  • For fire and safety reasons, you are not permitted to cover the burners or air vents at the rear of the stove or any other parts with aluminum foil or any other material.