Roommate Requests

When you submit your housing contract you will probably notice that we don't ask questions about your personality, style, religion, major, likes/dislikes, etc. Research has shown that the answers to these questions don't significantly improve the odds of roommate success.

Developing a good Roommate Relationship is about more than what classes you're taking, whether you're an early bird or a night owl, or how messy you think you might be on a scale of 1 - 10. So we stick to the question that research says does matter – do you smoke. After that, all roommate assignments are random, based solely on contract received date and the type of housing you preferenced.

We value the diversity of our students and their experiences. Communities develop best when people with different thought, opinions and values get together and share themselves with one another. Does conflict arise? Sometimes, but hopefully, out of that conflict is born compromise, understanding, respect and an expanded world view.

New Student Roommate Requests

If you submit your contract online in AccessPlus, one of the contracting steps is Roommate Requests. On this page, you will see your roommate number and letter codes. You will give your codes to your intended roommate and they will enter them on their Roommate Request screen on their online contract, or they can give you their codes and you can enter them on your contract. Only one of you needs to enter the codes. Once the codes are entered, you will see your intended roommate's name appear in the Current Roommate Request section.

If you submit a paper contract, there is space for you to indicate a specific roommate. You will need to know the correct spelling of that person's full name (no nicknames) and their correct birthdate.

Simply listing a roommate request does not guarantee that you will be assigned together. Roommates must both be admitted to ISU at the time of assignment, be the same gender*, and be eligible for the same type of housing. Additionally, all roommate requests must be mutual - you each must have requested the other.

When we make your assignment, your Room Preferences will guide us. However, your assignment may be anywhere your roommate request can be honored – even if you didn't preference that location.

Continuing Student Roommate Requests

As a Continuing student you will select your own room during the Recontracting process. You also have the option of selecting your own roommates by using the Roommate Group function. For information on setting up a roommate group, please visit our A+ instructions page.

When setting up a Roommate Group for Recontracting, please keep the following in mind:

  • Setting up a roommate group DOES NOT automatically put you and your roommates into the same room. You will need to use the Move Roommates function to pull / push roommates into a space.
  • Each group is good for only one assignment change. Once a change is made, you must reform the group if you want to make another change.
  • By setting up the group, you give the members of your group permission to change your assignment.
    • Once the group has been set up, any group member can change / select an assignment for everyone in the group. It is that person's responsibility to notify the group members that a change has been made.
    • Talk to your group! Be specific with your roommate group about the kinds of housing you do / do not want. If you don't trust a group member to make the right decision about your housing, you shouldn't put them in your group.
    • If a group member changes your assignment, that change is final unless you change it again AccessPlus.

* In University Village, mixed gender roommates are welcome. This area is available only to students who are at least 19 years old or in their second year of college.