2020-21 Selecting Roommates for Recontracting

During Recontracting, you can choose your own roommates by using the Two-Step Roommate Group function in AccessPlus (A+).

Please read the following guides for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Forming a roommate group

Step 2: Pulling in roommates

Forming a roommate group DOES NOT put you and your roommates in a room together. A+ is just a computer program. It doesn't know where you and your roommates want to live.


Talk to your group! Discuss the types of housing you do / do not want.

When it is time to select, only one member of each group can be in A+ searching for spaces at a time. This person is called your Search Leader.

Groups should discuss ahead of time who their Search Leader will be, because if a second group member tries to search for spaces, the first person will be "bounced out" and will lose any in-progress selections.

The Search Leader can change assignments for the entire group. Once your assignment changes, that change is final unless you or your Search Leader changes it again in A+. It is the Search Leader's responsibility to tell the group that a change has been made.

Each roommate group lasts for only one assignment change. Once a selection is made, the group dissolves and you need to reform the group to make more changes.