Contracts & Assignments

In order to live on campus at ISU, you must submit a Housing and Dining Contract. To be eligible to submit a contract you must:
  • be in good financial standing with ISU
  • be enrolled in at least one credit at ISU
  • not be required to register under the Iowa Sex Offender Registry Law, Iowa Code Chapter 692A

Your contract is not an application. It is a legally binding document. By submitting a contract you are stating that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms and Conditions and you are committing to live on-campus during the specified contract period.How you will submit your contract depends on what type of student you are:

Newly Admitted Students (New Admits) - New Admits are freshmen, transfer, and graduate students who will attend ISU for the first time at the start of their contract. New Admits are unable to submit their contract until they have accepted their offer of admission to ISU. If you have not yet graduated high school, you will be considered a new student even if you have earned college credits

Returning Residents (Returners) - Returners are ISU students who live on-campus during the spring semester and who want to return to campus housing for the next year (fall). Returners select their own assignments during Recontracting.

Summer Contracts - both New Admits and Returners can submit summer contracts.