Residence Life Staff

The overarching and ongoing goal for residence life staff is to support and increase student engagement in the university community, which will lead to increased persistence and higher graduation rates. In order to increase student engagement, residence life staff will assess the needs of their communities; develop appropriate learning outcomes under our Living, Learning, Leading structure; and implement strategies and programs to meet those outcomes. Necessarily this is a fluid process, and one that requires collaboration with other departments, university colleagues, and STUDENTS!

The residence life staff works with students in a variety of ways. As a unit, we are made up of multiple positions, many of which live in residence halls and apartment areas with students.

Residence Hall Staff
Apartment Community Staff
Residence Life Management Staff

Residence Hall Staff

Community Advisors

Community advisors (CAs) are specially selected student staff responsible for developing a strong community that welcomes and supports all house members. Community advisors establish personal relationships with each student living on their house. They become a resource for personal issues and co-curricular opportunities and are responsible for ensuring that students have access to programs and services designated to support personal and academic success. Community advisors are also responsible for advising and training for the student government leadership on the house.

Hall Directors

Hall directors are full-time professional live-in staff members who are responsible for creating a living/learning community which contributes to the personal and academic success of residents through collaboration with students, staff, and faculty. The size of each residence hall community ranges from 300 to 750 residents. The hall directors major functions are to supervise a community advisor staff, provide direction and supervision in specific assignments (hall desk, student government, selection, judicial, etc.), and respond to a wide variety of academic and personal development situations.

Hall Desk Staff and Supervisors

The hall desk staff is made up of students who work at the hall desk providing services such as general information; key check out and replacement; game, movie, and equipment check out; and mail sorting. Hall desk supervisors are graduate students who manage the hall desk operation and supervise the student staff who work at the hall desk.

Apartment Community Staff

Frederiksen Court Community Advisors

The community advisor (CAs) position at Frederiksen Court Apartments is different from the CAs position in the residence halls. Frederiksen CAs provide leadership and help to build community for twenty-three Frederiksen Court Apartment buildings and nearly 2000 residents. Every two to three buildings have a live-in CA who serves as a resource for the residents in their "cluster." Frederiksen CAs also enforce regulations and policies as well as play an integral role in facilities management.

SUV Community Advisors

Community Advisors (CAs) are live-in, part-time staff members in Schilletter and University Apartments (SUV) responsible for welcoming new residents as well as planning, organizing, advertising, and staffing community-wide and neighborhood programming.

Community Managers

Community managers manage and direct the administrative and residence life services for Frederiksen Court and SUV Apartments. They are full-time professional staff who work to ensure that residents enjoy their on-campus apartment living experience. Apartment community managers supervise support staff, student office assistants, and community advisors; advise community student government; and collaborate with facilities staff to ensure prompt repair and cleaning.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistants assist the community manager with a variety of tasks including duty rotation.

Residence Life Management Staff

Support Staff

The residence life support staff is here to assist you and help answer your questions. They serve as front line customer service representatives for students, parents, and staff; handle billing, room reservations, contract questions, and general inquiries; and schedule meetings for residence life staff.

Coordinators of Residence Life

The coordinators of residence life supervise the hall directors and oversee a variety of residence life processes while collaborating with many other departments on campus. The coordinators coordinate the judicial process, crisis management, learning communities, minority outreach program, graduate assistant and hall director recruitment and selection, tours and resource fairs, international student temporary housing, staff training, and leadership and diversity initiatives. In addition, they advise the Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA).

Coordinators of Research & Assessment

The coordinator of research and assessment serves as a resource for all assessment activities, including residence hall/apartment student retention data, and serves as the technical administrator for Educational Benchmarking Initiatives (student satisfaction surveys) and MAP-Works.

Associate Director for Residence Life

The associate director for residence life provides the overall direction, supervision, and leadership for the residence life department. The associate director prepares and administers the residence life budget, participates in development and implementation of departmental policy and strategy, and handles customer service situations and correspondence.