Cable & Television

TV Time in Maple Hall

You can't study all the time! Cable television service, included in the price of your room, is provided by Mediacom. Students must provide their own television sets and cable cords. When selecting a television set for your room, please note that it must include a digital tuner, or you must connect a digital tuner to your system. Examples of brands that do not contain digital tuners include RCA, Westinghouse and Element. Digital tuners may be rented through Mediacom.

Available Stations - Broadcast basic and family cable service is provided as part of the housing contract for all on-campus residents. Digital Services and Premium Channels are available for residents at an additional cost. Visit the Ames Mediacom office on 225 S. Dayton Avenue for more information.

Analog vs. Digital Channels: In March 2016, Mediacom will no longer support analog signals. In order to receive channels that were previously delivered via analog signal (QVC, Home Shopping Network), please Auto Scan your TV to program the digital signals for these channels.


Most TVs require some type of installation activity to work. Before you make a service call, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure the television is connected to AC power and to the cable outlet. The cable outlet requires a coaxial cable that will connect into the outlet and the TV. This is a round cable that can be any length. You must provide your own cable.
  • If you have a remote control, make sure the batteries are good.
  • If you do not receive all of the channels listed on the channel lineup, your TV may need to be set up and programmed to be cable ready.

Most televisions require similar actions to be used with a cable system. If the exact term listed below is not on your programming menu, there probably is a very similar term.

  1. Go to the Menu, Programming, or Action screen.
  2. From this screen, select Set-Up.
  3. If prompted to choose between Antenna / Off-Air and CATV / Cable, chose the CATV / Cable.
    • Some older TV's have an Antenna-CATV switch on the back. Be sure this is in the CATV position.
  4. Select Auto Program.
    • Your television will begin to scroll through the channels, programming itself to receive signals coming from the cable TV system.
  5. Save the changes and exit.

If, after trying the above, you still have no reception or are missing channels, please submit a work order.

Submitting a Work Order

To report a problem with your on-campus cable service, please call the Service Center at 515-294-3322. A staff member will troubleshoot the problem over the phone with you.

If your problem cannot be resolved over the phone, a technician will be sent to your room / apartment to correct the problem. Please know that, depending on the number of work orders currently in queue, it may be 24-48 hours before your situation can be addressed.