Helser Hall Namesake: Maurice Helser

Helser Hall

Maurice Helser

Maurice Helser was born in Ohio. After high school graduation, he taught at a country school and then entered The Ohio State University in an agricultural course, receiving a bachelor's degree in 1914. In 1915 he joined the Iowa State College staff as a teaching scholar in animal husbandry. In 1916 he received a master's degree from Iowa State College. From 1916 to 1932, he was a faculty member in the Department of Animal Husbandry. When the college organized a meats laboratory in 1918, Helser was named its head. He wrote a textbook on "Farm Meats." Meat judging began in 1926 and he took Iowa State's first undergraduate meats judging team to the International Live Stock Exposition. In 1931, Iowa State's President R. M. Hughes was looking for someone to help with many of the duties involved in looking after the welfare of undergraduates. A canvass of the faculty pointed to Helser. He was appointed Director of Personnel, and accepted the new role on a trial basis. So successful was he in this responsibility that he was named Dean of the Junior College in 1933. He held these two titles until July 1955 when he reached 65, the mandatory age of retirement at that time.