Beyer House

Welch Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 4237-4245
Rooms 4247-4256
Rooms 4258-4265
Rooms 4266-4273
Rooms 5268-5273

House Details

Floor #: 4
Gender: Male
Capacity: 50
Room #s: 4237-4273, 5268-5273
A/C: No
Bed Type: Lofted, wood frame
Floor Type: Tile
Room Types: Single, Double, Triple
Room Size:
Window Size:
Ceiling Height: 8'8", with a downward slant toward the exterior wall.

House History

BEYER, Samuel W. (1865-1931) received a B.S. degree from Iowa State in 1889 and a Ph.D. from John Hopkins University in 1895. He was appointed head of geology and mining engineering in 1891. He served as dean of Industrial Science (now College of Sciences and Humanities) from 1919 to 1931. Dean Beyer helped found the original Missouri Valley Athletic Conference. He also served on the National Collegiate Athletic Association for many years. He did work with the Iowa Geological survey. His research on clay products led to the development of the brick, tile, and cement industries of north central Iowa.