Lorch-Russell House

Friley Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 5627-5633
Rooms 5634-5641
Rooms 5643-5649
Rooms 5650-5659
Rooms 5660-5665
Rooms 5666-5669

House Details

Floor #: 5
Gender: Co-Ed
Capacity: 60
Room #s: 5627-5669
A/C: Yes
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Tile
Room Types: Single, Double, Triple
Room Size:
Window Size: Sm. 22.5" x 52", Lg. 45.5" x 52", XLg. 70" x 52"
Ceiling Height: Between 8'2" and 8'8", with a downward slant toward the exterior wall.

House History

LORCH, Fred W. (1893-1967) received degrees from Knox College (B.A. 1918) and the State University of Iowa (M.A. & Ph.D.). He joined the Iowa State staff in 1921 as an instuctor in English, was promoted through the faculty ranks and was professor and head of the department of english and speech from 1942 to 1959. He was a distinguished scholar in American Literature, the author of more than thirty scholarly articles, and probably the best authority on some aspects of Mark Twain's career. He was, in addition, one of the finest teachers of undergradutates in this or any other institution. He was advisor to foreign students for many years.

RUSSELL, Mable (1881-1953) received a diploma from the Pratt Institute in 1915, a Ph.D. from Chicago in 1925 and an M.S. from Iowa State in 1933. She was appointed to the staff of domestic art (now applied art) in 1916 and became an associate professor in 1946. She always strove for excellence on the part of students.