Noble House

Friley Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 3335-3343
Rooms 3344-3353
Rooms 3354-3360
Rooms 3361-3366
Rooms 3367-3371

House Details

Floor #: 3
Gender: Male
Capacity: 59
Room #s: 3335-3371
A/C: Yes
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Tile
Room Types: Single, Double, Triple
Room Size:
Window Size: Sm. 22.5" x 52", Lg. 45.5" x 52", XLg. 70" x 52"
Ceiling Height: Between 8'2" and 8'8"

House History

NOBLE, Alvin B. (1862-1936) graduated from the State University of Iowa in 1887. He had an outstanding record teaching English at the Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) before he came to Iowa State in 1899 as head of the English department until his retirement in 1932. He was the second chairman of the lecture committee and during his eight years of service did much to improve the cultural life of the campus.