Murphy House

Friley Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 3446-3455
Rooms 3456-3463
Rooms 3464-3467

House Details

Floor #: 3
Gender: Female
Capacity: 46
Room #s: 3446-3467
A/C: Yes
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Tile
Room Types: Double
Room Size:
Window Size: Sm. 22.5" x 52", Lg. 45.5" x 52", XLg. 70" x 52"
Ceiling Height: Between 8'2" and 8'8"

House History

MURPHY, Eda Lord (1881) received a diploma from Stout Institute in 1912. She also received a B.S. from Iowa State in 1922. She held many important positions in many different places before coming to Iowa State in 1919 as an associate professor of household science. She resigned her position as head of institution management at Iowa State in 1923 to become director of home economics in the American College for Girls in Constantinople. She was very active in the Cosmopolitan Club while at Iowa State. She was an excellent teacher and was held in high esteem by all who knew her. She married Benjamin Demarest in 1925.