Dodds House

Friley Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 1245-1252
Rooms 1253-1261
Rooms 1262-1267
Rooms 1269
Rooms 1271-1279
Rooms 1300-1303

House Details

Floor #: 1
Gender: Male
Capacity: 56
Room #s: 1245-1279, 1300-1303
A/C: No
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Tile
Room Types: Single, Double, Triple
Room Size:
Window Size: Sm. 22.5" x 52", Lg. 45.5" x 52", XLg. 70" x 52"
Ceiling Height: Between 8'2" and 8'8"

House History

John Simpson DODDS, (Aug. 10, 1885-Nov. 3, 1950) better known as Jack Dodds, was a professor of civil engineering at Iowa State College. He was professor of civil engineering during most of his career. His many friends and students affectionately called him Jack. He was in charge of the Civil Engineering summer camp for many years, served as secretary and president of the Iowa Engineering Society, a member of the State Board of Registration for Engineers and Surveyors and was a charter member and second president of the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping.

Dodds was very active in the Ames community. He served on the city's first Zoning Board of Adjustment, beginning on June 1, 1925. He was a city councilman for ward one, 1926-1928, and a councilman at large, 1930-1939. Dodds and wife Josephine (Oct. 5, 1889-Feb. 4, 1983) lived at 1123 Burnett Avenue and 218 West Eighth Street. They are both buried in the Iowa State University Cemetery.