Ebbers House

Geoffroy Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 5211-5249

House Details

Floor #: 5 West
Gender: Male
Capacity: 55
Room #s: 5211-5249
A/C: Yes
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Solid Surface
Room Types: Double
Room Size: 11' 3" x 16' 2"
Window Size: 4' wide x 5' tall
Ceiling Height: 9'

House History

Larry H. Ebbers received a B.S. Ag Education (1962), a M.S. (1968), and a Ph.D. Education (1971) from Iowa State and is a former Coordinator of Residence Life. Ebbers began his career as a high school teacher in 1962 and joined the Iowa State staff in 1965. He is retiring this May as a university professor of educational leadership and policy studies and is involved with such committees as the College of Human Sciences’ School of Education transition committee, the ISU business and finance budget advisory committee, the ISU Foundation faculty and staff capital campaign committee, the University Committee on Community College Relationships, and the selection committee for the Frederiksen Leadership Award. For his work in student affairs he was named by NASPA as one of 30 “Living Legacies in the Profession.” He was also a Fulbright Scholar in Germany.

Ebbers has been the face of ISU’s department of educational leadership and policy studies for decades, serving nationally on college and university advisory boards, the editorial boards of nationally ranked refereed journals, and multiple strategic planning committees. Through his work as co-director of the Community College Leadership Program and director of the Community College Leadership Consortium, and the Leadership in the New Century programs, Ebbers has played an instrumental role in developing and promoting Iowa’s community college system. As ISU’s top producer of PhDs with more than 190 doctoral committee chairmanships or co-chairmanships, Ebbers has continually fostered strong relationships with ISU students that have continued far beyond each student’s graduation. He has actively worked to build alumni networking opportunities and earn awards and recognition for ISU graduates.

Among Ebbers’ many awards are the Corly Brooke Learning Communities Advocate Award, the Council for the Study of Community Colleges’ Senior Scholar Award and Distinguished Service Award, the NASPA Latino Network “Amigo” Award, the Ames NAACP’s “Making a Difference” award, ISU’s Presidential Service Award, the ISU Outstanding Achievement Award for Professional Practice and Outreach, and the ISU Alumni Association’s Outstanding Young Alumni Award.