Deloria House

Geoffroy Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 1211-1249

House Details

Floor #: 1 West
Gender: Male
Capacity: 55
Room #s: 1211-1249
A/C: Yes
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Solid Surface
Room Types: Double
Room Size: 11' 3" x 16' 2"
Window Size: 4' wide x 5' tall
Ceiling Height: 9'

House History

Vine Victor Deloria, Jr. received a degree in general science from Iowa State in 1958. He also has a degree from the Lutheran School of Theology (1963) and a law degree from the University of Colorado (1970). He was recognized as one of America's leading Native American spokesmen. He authored numerous books on Native American issues, and served as a Professor of History at the University of Colorado. (March 26, 1933 – November 13, 2005) Deloria was an American Indian author, theologian, historian, and activist. He was widely known for his book Custer Died for Your Sins: An Indian Manifesto (1969), which helped generate national attention to Native American issues. From 1964–1967, he had served as executive director of the National Congress of American Indians, increasing tribal membership from 19 to 156. Beginning in 1977, he was a board member of the National Museum of the American Indian, which now has buildings in both New York City and Washington, DC.

"Every society needs educated people, but the primary responsibility of educated people is to bring wisdom back into the community and make it available to others so that the lives they are leading make sense." Vine Deloria, Jr.