Tiffany House

Geoffroy Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 1305-1343

House Details

Floor #: 1 East
Gender: Female
Capacity: 55
Room #s: 1305-1343
A/C: Yes
Bed Type: lofted
Floor Type: solid surface
Room Types: Double
Room Size: 11' 3" x 16' 2"
Window Size: 4' wide x 5' tall
Ceiling Height: 9'

House History

Lois Hattery Tiffany was born March 8, 1924, in Collins, Iowa. She received her B.S. (1945), M.S. (1947), and Ph.D. (1950) in plant pathology all from Iowa State College (University). She joined the Botany faculty at Iowa State as an Instructor (1950-1956).

Tiffany was promoted to Assistant Professor (1956-1958), Associate Professor (1958-1965), Professor (1965-1994), and Distinguished Professor (1994-2002). She also served as Chair (1990-1996) of the Botany Department. She retired from the department in 2002 and was named Emeritus Distinguished Professor.

Tiffany, informally known as "The Mushroom Lady," taught mycology and botany classes at both Iowa State University and the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory. Her research included studies of fungal diseases of native prairie plants in Iowa, a 10-year survey of Iowa's morels, and a study of the fungus flora of Big Bend National Park in Texas. She also participated in the Midwestern mushroom aflatoxin studies of both corn and soybeans.

Her continuing commitment to research led to the naming of a recently discovered Iowa truffle in her honor. The fungus, named Mattirolomyces tiffanyae, was discovered in 1998 in several locations of Story County's oak woods. Tiffany was a member of many professional organizations, including the Iowa Academy of Science, the Mycological Society of America, the American Phytopathological Society, and the Iowa Natural History Association. She also served on committees for the Living Roadway Trust Fund and the Prairie States Mushroom Club, among many other professional affiliations.

Tiffany also made much advancement for the place of women in the sciences despite the challenges of sexism in the early years of her career. She was the first woman president of the Iowa Academy of Science, the first woman president of the Osborn Club, and the first woman scientist in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to be awarded the title of Distinguished Professor.