Kilbourne House

Wallace Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 03,04,55,56
Rooms 07-52
Rooms 59-60

House Details

Floor #: 1
Gender: Co-Ed
Capacity: 57
Room #s: 1303-1360
A/C: No
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Carpet
Room Types: Double as Singles (27) & Singles (2)
Room Size: Room ending in 03, 04, 55, 56(13' 9" x 12') 07 to 52(13' 9" x 12") 59-60 (14'6" x 9' 2")
Window Size:
Ceiling Height:

House History

KILBOURNE, Mrs. Marian (1846-1930), whose maiden name was Marian Hamlin, was born in Ohio and came to Iowa as a girl. She was the high school principal of Tipton, Iowa, for a few years and was known even at that time as an inspirational teacher. She eventually moved to Muscatine, Iowa, where she married Mr. Kilbourne. The lived in Birmingham, Alabama, for a few years and after the death of her husband she returned to Coe College as dean of women serving from 1890 to 1900 and then coming to Iowa State as dean of women and instructor in art. During the years she served at Iowa State, 1900 to 1909, she resided at Margaret Hall, the only residence hall for women at that time. The alumni remember her as a gracious woman with a fine appreciation of the beauty in art and nature. Her course in the history of art and home decoration is generally credited with being the foundation for the extensive and splendid work now being taught in the College of Home Economics at Iowa State. When Mrs. Kilbourne retired from Iowa State, she went to San Diego where she continued her interest in fine arts, music, painting, sculpture and literature. The editor of the San Diego Union says that her contribution to that community left a lasting mark.