Errington House

Wallace Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 03,04,55,56
Rooms 07-52
Rooms 59-60

House Details

Floor #: 4
Gender: Co-Ed
Capacity: 57
Room #s: 4303-4360
A/C: No
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Vinyl wood plank
Room Types: Double as Singles (27) & Singles (2)
Room Size: Room ending in 03, 04, 55, 56(13' 9" x 12') 07 to 52(13' 9" x 12") 59-60 (14'6" x 9' 2")
Window Size:
Ceiling Height:

House History

ERRINGTON, Paul (1902-1962) was a graduate of South Dakota State College (B.S. 1930) and the University of Wisconsin (Ph.D. 1932). He joined the Iowa State faculty in 1932. He was the author of about 200 technical articles and many popular articles and was recognized internationally for his research on animal populations. He was author of many books and three of the best known were Muskrat Populations, Of Men and Marshes, and Muskrats and Marsh Management. This exceptional man had a wide variety of hobbies including hunting, trapping, target shooting, marshes, northern wilderness, the short story, philosophical writing, ice-age prehistory, Scandinavian language and culture.