MacRae House

Buchanan Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 4006-4038
Rooms 4100-4116
Rooms 4117-4128

House Details

Floor #: 4
Gender: Co-Ed
Capacity: 72
Room #s: 4006-4128
A/C: Yes
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Tile
Room Types: Suites - Single, Double
Room Size:
Window Size:
Ceiling Height: 7'6"

House History

MacRae, Tolbert G. (1882-1963) attended Drake University and then proceeded with advanced study in voice in England, Austria, and with teachers in the United States. He came to Iowa State as head of the music department in 1920. During World War I, he received recognition as War Department Army Song leader. He directed the Men's Glee Club and Festival Choir at Iowa State. He retired as head of the music department after 28 to years due to age limitations but continued to teach for many years. The real personality of music came to life on the Iowa State Campus with his interest and activity. He used three methods of building an appreciation of music - actual participation, lecture courses, and the opportunity of hearing great musicians. He was extremely popular with Iowa State students.