Doolittle House

Buchanan Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 1015-1036

House Details

Floor #: 1
Gender: Co-Ed
Capacity: 27
Room #s: 1015-1036
A/C: Yes
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Tile
Room Types: Suites - Single, Double
Room Size:
Window Size:
Ceiling Height: 7'6"

House History

DOOLITTLE Margaret (1867-date not available), a native of Fremont, Iowa, graduated from Central College at Pella, Iowa (1882). She held positions at Sigourney High School and at the Washington Academy in Iowa before coming to Iowa State in 1890 as professor of Latin and English. In addition to teaching, she was made an assistant preceptress in 1895. The Bomb of 1896 says, "Boys and girls alike turn to her for advice and are never disappointed and she proves to be a valuable counselor." She was on the Iowa State staff from 1890 to 1898.