Anders House

Barton Hall

Floor Plans

Rooms 103-129
Rooms 145-171
Rooms 202-218
Rooms 243-251
Rooms 252-271

House Details

Floor #: 1,2
Gender: Co-Ed
Capacity: 45
Room #s: 103-171, 202-271
A/C: No
Bed Type: Lofted
Floor Type: Tile
Room Types: Single, Double
Room Size:
Window Size:
Ceiling Height: Between 9' and 9'4"

House History

ANDERS, Ida (1892-1968) graduated from Iowa State with a B.S. (1916) and an M.S. (1930). She was appointed an assistant professor in household science teacher training in 1920 and remained on the staff until 1926 when she resigned to pursue advanced study. She later became head of the textiles and clothing department at the University of Tennessee. She was an effective teacher at Iowa State and the faculty advisor for the Home Economics Club.