Martin 2109

Martin 2109 (23 x 24)

  • Occupancy: 20 seated with stackable chairs in hollow square set-up of 4, 8 tables. 30 seated comfortably without tables. There is one additional table and 46 additional stackable chairs available in adjoining closet that can be used in 2109 Martin or 2121 Martin.
  • Sink and counter space.
  • Audio/visual equipment, podium, white board, bulletin board and projection screen. No supplies provided.
    **There is audio/visual equipment in this room (no laptop provided). Please note: we are not able to routinely service this equipment; therefore we do not assume any responsibility for its working condition at the time of check-out. Arrangements need to be made with the Martin Hall Director (294-9051) to have the equipment unlocked. If operational assistance is needed with this equipment, the group using it will need to contact Information Technology Services (ITS), 294-8026.

Martin room 2109