Wireless Network Upgrade Survey Underway

Iowa State University Information Technology Services (ITS) is working on upgrading the wireless system in the residence halls.  As part of the upgrade, a survey team will be visiting all residence halls over the next few weeks. The survey team will need to enter multiple student rooms to take a reading of the wireless strength. The survey will take approximately 1-2 minutes per room.

If your room needs to be entered, ITS staff will first knock and identify themselves. If you are home, please let them in. If you are not home, ITS staff will key in to take their measurements and will leave you a note indicating they were there.

Thank you for your cooperation as ITS works toward a solution to bring faster and more reliable service to the residence halls.

We also wanted to provide you with a list of tips for using the current system most effectively:

  • If your device has an Ethernet port, you can plug it into the wall jack with an Ethernet cable.
  • Your device should be attached to an ITS supported wireless access point. You should see network names of ISU-CARDINAL, eduroam, or IASTATE.
  • Make sure the wireless adapter on your device is activated.
  • Make sure your device is net registered (http://netreg.iastate.edu).
  • DO NOT use your own wireless access point.  Doing this interferes with the current wireless system and makes it slower.  Personal access points also are a security concern.  Any security issue can be tracked to an access point and the student who used it is responsible.

If you have questions about the survey work or any issues with the current wireless system, please contact the ITS Solution Center at 515-294-4000, solution@iastate.edu, or stop by 195 Durham.

For more information on the residential network, please visit http://www.housing.iastate.edu/places/furniture/network.

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