WiFi Upgrade Gives Students a Boost

Whether it’s checking Twitter, researching a paper for class, using Blackboard, gaming or watching the latest YouTube sensation, students have a number of reasons to be online. Thanks to a $1 million investment by the Department of Residence to install additional wireless access points within its residence halls and Frederiksen Court apartment community, students will notice a significant improvement in their wireless connectivity.

“Last year, Internet access in the residence halls was slow and unreliable, but we made our complaints to the Department of Residence and ITS and the Department of Residence came through with a huge update over the summer,” said Cole Staudt, a sophomore resident of Willow Hall. “The administration at the Department of Residence heard what students were saying and made an update a top priority.”

By installing an access point in every residence hall room, the Department of Residence increased wireless connection options by over 500 percent. If students opt to plug in, there are four Ethernet ports on the bottom of each access point—doubling the number of ports that were previously available. Most halls are now complete, with additional work being done in the Frederiksen Court community.  

“We’re excited to be able to move as quickly as we have,” said Englin. “We identified and implemented a wireless solution within a 90-day timeframe, while retaining our wired network.”

The wireless upgrade was launched at the same time as a campus-wide survey of wireless access by ITS, but is a separate project. The project uses a new product from CISCO that came on the market in May and is in high demand internationally.

“Because the installation is still finishing up, we do anticipate a few minor glitches,” said Lisa Ludovico, assistant director of residence. “If residents are experiencing issues with their wireless or Ethernet service, it is important that they contact the ITS Solution Center at solutions@iastate.edu or 515-294-4000 and submit a report.”

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