Trees to Be Removed From SUV As Part of Campus-Wide EAB Readiness Project

Ames, IOWA – As part of a campus-wide effort to mitigate the effects of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), the Department of Residence has contracted with a tree removal company to have several ash trees removed from the SUV Apartments area. The tree removal project will begin during winter break.

EAB is a tiny, green beetle that has devastated ash trees in urban and forest settings, particularly throughout the Midwest. The cost to remove and replace EAB ravaged trees has cost some government entities and institutions upwards of several million dollars. This summer, EAB was positively identified in northeastern Iowa and is expected to begin affecting the Ames area within the next ten years.

In preparation for EAB, ISU Facilities, Planning and Management has already inventoried the health of all ash trees on campus and removed most of the low ranked ash trees. The next phase in the EAB Readiness Plan is to increase campus tree species diversity while decreasing the possible harmful effects of EAB. The plan calls for the removal of 30-40 ash trees per year. The Department of Residence has been partnering with FP&M in implementing this program for DOR properties.

Ash trees make up approximately 21% of ISU’s award-winning natural landscape. With over 1,200 ash trees on campus, the effects of EAB could mean a significant landscape change for the ISU campus. The EAB Readiness Plan calls for reducing the total ash population to 8% of all campus tree species, a feat accomplished by removing current ash trees and replacing them with other tree species.

The removed ash tree trunks will be used on campus as part of ISU’s TreeCYcle program, which returns the processed wood as rough lumber for student-designed and created furniture projects for campus buildings and as mulch for campus planting beds.