House ties form life-long friendships for a group of women who lived in Maple Friant

Friant Foxes revisit Maple HallAMES, Iowa - About 40 years ago, a group of women packed their White Stag pastel jean jackets, typewriters and bags. They were all going to Iowa State University’s Maple Hall—Friant House, to be exact. 

Social media connected the group of women, now living all over the country, and brought them back to Ames for a reunion this summer.

As they walked through the place they called home decades earlier, laughter echoed down the hallways. It was like they never left. Stories of weekly Saturday Night Live-esque den skits, waiting until the last minute to write a history paper—and needing more erasable typing paper to do it, an ironing mishap with a then boyfriend now husband’s suit, and dozens of other memories that created a bond among the women that remained strong even though some hadn’t seen each other since they graduated college.

The camaraderie came from what they women described as a “rare, rare opportunity” to live together during their college years.The Friant Foxes, as they called themselves, lived in Maple during the late 1970’s.

With move-in a few short weeks away, it’s time for a new group of students to call Maple Friant—and Iowa State’s 136 houses, home. New friendships, continuing traditions and becoming an Iowa Stater is what awaits the students the Department of Residence will welcome soon.

Friant Foxes Welcome Song: