Graham Crackers and Laughter Replicate Oak-Elm Hall

If you follow your nose to the Fosmark House den in Oak-Elm Hall, you can use your imagination to take a stroll down a chocolate lane in the gum-drop courtyard or sit on the graham-cracker benches and marvel at the colorful candy roof.

Mallory Kane, Aisha Grieme, Stephanie Stone, Maggie Cannon and Danielle Goderis decided to make a graham-cracker replica of their home, Oak-Elm Hall.

“I just really wanted to build a gingerbread house this year,” said Stone.

And build they did. The project started around ten the evening of Dec. 2 and ended at three the next morning.

“I definitely looked up the floor-layout blueprints (of Oak Elm) online,” said Grieme.

It took seven boxes of graham crackers, seven bags of candy, five tubs of frosting, two Christmas tree cakes, and forty dollars to ensure their edible structure looked as good as the brick-and-mortar Oak Elm.

“It took awhile to get that first layer how we needed it to be,” said Stone.

The women enlisted the help of their neighbors Nathan Smith and Tony Lessin to help them finish the project.

“We just came over to hang out,” said Smith.

“The guys provided the comedic relief,” added Goderis.

“We laughed the entire time, my abs hurt!” said Kane. “Who would think building a gingerbread house until three in the morning could be so fun?”

Amid the fun and laughter, sampling the frosting, and constructing the walls, another view emerged from the group.

“We talked afterward, and this is the kind of stuff that makes college amazing,” said Grieme. “Living in an apartment for you college career, this is the kind of stuff you miss out on. It’s the kind of stuff that makes the college experience worthwhile…it’s really irreplaceable.”

The gingerbread structure remained untouched in an unlocked den, and no one in the hall tried to sneak a gum drop or taste one of the Andes Mint steps. Most marveled at the detail of the structure.

“One thing people did want to know is where the statues in the courtyard were,” said Cannon. “We told them, ‘if you build us some statues, we’ll put them in the courtyard.’”

The group plans on tasting some parts of their creation before winter break.