Fuel Success with MAP-Works

New classes, new teachers, new campus — that’s a lot of change for a first-year or transfer Iowa State student. The Department of Residence provides a tool—the MAP-Works assessment—to help in the transition.

Quick and Easy

Students will receive an email beginning Sept. 10 to tell them that their survey is ready. Students may log in to AccessPlus directly to complete the assessment, which takes about 20 minutes.

Great Incentives

Taking the MAP-Works survey is time well spent. Students who took MAP-Works last year received .4 GPA higher than those who didn’t. And, if 85% of a house takes the MAP-Works survey, the house gets a pizza party. Plus, all on-campus students who complete MAP-Works are entered to win free room and board for a year!

Instant Results

After taking the MAP-Works assessment, students receive instant results that are unique to them. They not only show where a student is doing great, they list the campus resources needed to improve areas that could use a boost.

Easily Sharable

Once the results are ready, they can be easily shared with a hall director, academic adviser or other ISU staff who can point out resources like the academic success center, writing lab, student health services and more.

“MAP-Works has been a tremendous tool to provide students with direct feedback on behaviors that will improve their academic success. It also provides valuable insight to faculty and staff about students who are already struggling in their personal and academic transition to the university,” said Rachel Wagner, Associate Director of Residence Life. “Early intervention is an essential part of student success, and the Department of Residence, in partnership with the Dean of Students Office, is committed to ensuring that all students have the support they need to succeed, especially those who may be most vulnerable.”