Freshmen Who Live on Campus Likely to Stay, Graduate from Iowa State

AMES, Iowa— Over 88% of freshmen who lived on campus during the fall of 2010 came back to Iowa State University for the 2011-12 school year, recording the highest return rate over the past decade. The research, compiled by the Department of Residence, supports the importance of living in campus residence halls or apartments during students’ freshman year in their overall success at ISU.

“We believe living on campus helps students connect and engage in their academic success,” said Department of Residence Director Pete Englin. “It also provides a basis for forming friendships, taking part in campus activities, and getting involved in clubs and organizations on campus. These are the building blocks of a successful academic career.”

Over 92% of freshmen choose to live on campus at Iowa State. That decision pays big dividends. Since 2000, students who have lived on campus during their freshman year have consistently stayed at and graduated from ISU at a higher rate than their off campus peers. Englin believes the statistics reinforce the department’s overall mission.

“Our ultimate goal is to help each one of our residents earn a degree from Iowa State University,” said Englin. “When we see that students who live on campus as freshmen have a better chance of graduating from ISU, we know we play an important role in our students’ success.”