Frederiksen Court Residents Collect 1,538 Shirts for Charity

AMES, Iowa— From March 15 through April 15, the Iowa State University Frederiksen Court community collected gently worn or new t-shirts to donate to Cross Ministries, an organization that provides clothing and other items to people in need. The month long drive saw 1,538 shirts donated by Frederiksen Court residents with an assist from the New Student Programs Office at Iowa State University.

“Donating one or more gently worn t-shirts is a simple thing that everyone can do and it helps others at the same time,” said Quiana McKenzie, Assistant Community Director for Frederiksen Court.

Frederiksen Court residents were encouraged to do a little spring cleaning and donate their shirts to a good cause. The residents did just that, donating 638 shirts. The New Student Programs Office heard about the drive and decided to pitch in, donating 900 shirts leftover from this school year’s orientation. The t-shirts are expected to be sent with medical supplies to Haiti and Mali in the coming weeks.

“The council chose to work with Cross Ministries because all shirts in good condition could be used locally or used as duty free packaging for medical supplies shipped all over the world,” said McKenzie.

Based in Osceola, Iowa, Cross Ministries provides medical equipment, clothing and other supplies to people in need locally, across the country and around the world. The volunteer organization works with over 25 agencies in Iowa as well as a national network of shelters, emergency relief centers and the Red Cross to distribute supplies in disaster areas.

The Frederiksen Court Community Council consists of students who represent the interests of the Frederiksen Court residents. They work closely with the Department of Residence and other campus administrators to improve the Frederiksen Court community. The t-shirt donation drive was one of many events held by the council to promote social responsibility and awareness.

“I’d like to say I’m astonished that over 1500 t-shirts were collected for this cause but as part of their living on campus experience our residents are consistently involved in serving others,” said Department of Residence Director Pete Englin. “When they see an opportunity or a need, they step up every time. That’s just part of being a Cyclone!”