Fall 2010 Room Change Schedule


Now that residents are here and getting settled, the questions regarding room changes have started coming in.

Currently a room freeze is in effect while the DOR makes sure that every one has arrived and has a place to live. The room freeze will be lifted beginning September 8 at 7:00 am.

Sept. 8 - 12
AccessPlus (A+) will be open for any resident with a vacancy in their room to pull in a roommate of their choosing. Residents interested in this option should use A+ to set up roommate group in advance.

Sept. 13 - Nov. 26
A+ will be open for all residents to view and select from any available vacancy for which they are eligible.

Keep in mind, once you have put a reservation in for a new assignment, you have 72 hours to complete your move. Review the Policy Handbooks and Move In & Out section of our website for details on how to complete your move.