Emails Not Received Due to Filter, Staff Assisting Students

Recently, Department of Residence staff discovered that a number of notices sent through our email system were never delivered to their intended recipients due to a filter put in place by ISU ITS staff to combat phished email accounts.

This week, the quarantined emails were released by the system, and many residents and staff received these held emails. We recognize that this has caused substantial confusion, and apologize for the information that was not received in a timely manner.

Package Notifications

Some of the affected emails contained package notifications. If you were the recipient of a package notification, and know that the package was received, you may disregard the email. However, if you received a notice and had not yet learned of your package, please follow the instructions given within the text of the email.

Recontracting Deadline Notifications

Due to the email filters previously in place, information related to recontracting deadlines for current residents was also missed by many intended recipients. Students who were adversely affected by missing these emails may contact the Department of Residence’s Administrative Office, located at 2419 Friley Hall, via phone at 515-294-2900 to receive assistance in working through their housing situation.

ITS Investigation Continuing

While the issue of the held emails has been resolved and the email filter has now been disabled, Iowa State ITS continues to investigate the cause of the held emails, how many emails were affected and when the hold on the emails first occurred. Please refer to this page for updates as they become available.