Electrical outage in Maple, Willow & Larch Commons on March 17


Subject: SCHEDULED Utility Outage

SCHEDULED Utility Outage

START DATE: Wednesday, 3/17/2010 8:00 AM END DATE: Wednesday, 3/17/2010 9:30 AM

AFFECTED BUILDING/S: Maple/Willow/Larch Commons

WHAT: Electrical Service

EFFECT OR IMPACT ON BUILDING SYSTEM: No electrical service in building except equipment served from the emergency systems

WHY: To replace three circuit breakers in the main electrical equipment in the mechanical room

COORDINATOR: Randy Larabee at rlarabee@mail.adp.iastate.edu or 294-2716 Due to maintenance or construction activities, we must temporarily interrupt utility service in or near your building or a building occupied by your department.

Please inform/share information regarding this SCHEDULED utility outage with others in your building or department to assure proper notification of all affected faculty/staff.

You may contact the coordinator (listed above) if you have any questions or if any problems arise concerning this scheduled interruption.

NOTE: Weather may alter these scheduled dates. We will attempt to keep you informed of major schedule changes.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Facilities Planning and Management