Department of Residence Launches MAP-Works for First-Year, First-Time Freshmen

AMES, Iowa—The adjustment to college is different for every student. They have to learn how to manage their time, budget their resources, and study for finals. It can be overwhelming. As of today, students have an opportunity to gain the upper hand on their academic success as the Department of Residence launched its MAP-Works program.

Utilized by over 85% of on-campus, first-year first-time freshmen, an online assessment tool designed to help students make a successful transition to life at ISU. The 20-minute assessment helps students identify areas where they may struggle in their transition to college. Students answer a series of survey questions that assess their preparedness for college. The program then provides students with feedback connecting them to academic, emotional, and social resources throughout campus to help them adjust to college life.

MAP-Works is just one of the many resources provided by the Department of Residence for students during their time on campus. It is the department’s goal to provide a community that supports students’ learning and development. Students who participated in the MAP-Works assessment during Fall 2010 recorded final GPAs .37 of a grade point higher than those who did not complete the assessment.

To take the MAP-Works assessment, students can log on to AccessPlus and click the ‘MAP-Works’ link in the Student tab.