Author, Engineer, Friley Resident: Meet ISU Student Chris Jacobs

Not many engineering majors take a break from their homework to write, but Chris Jacobs, started a story in his ninth grade English class that he couldn't put down.

"I rewrote a part of the book a couple times and did an overhaul of the whole book to bring it all up to the standard that I wanted," said Chris Jacobs, ISU student and Friley Hall resident.

Jacobs wrote 1,000 words every day, combining Greek mythology and fantasy.

"I got the motivation to do it. I sat down and wanted to write it," said Jacobs. "It was just fun for me. it wasn't ever something that was meant to be published or to make money. It was just something I could do in my free time and have fun."

During college at Iowa State, Chris has had to learn how to balance school work and fun.

"My academics come first," said Jacobs. "This comes at a second rate to my school, because I feel like that's what I come here to do. That's more of my job."

But the reward of seeing his title and book on was more thrilling than he ever expected.

"It's amazing to see something that's 100% my work from beginning to end get published and it was one of the most amazing feelings in my life."

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